What am I?

I am the ground, the earth surface. I am free microscopic particles of solid material; "astronomers say that the empty space between planets actually contains measurable amounts of me." I come in forms of mites, saw, gold and storms. I am a single particle or grain. I am earth or other matter in fine, dry particles. I am a cloud of finely powdered earth or other matter in the air. I am the substance to which something, as the dead human body, is ultimately reduced by disintegration or decay; earthly remains. I am sadly worthless and a disturbance.I am fine powdery material such as dry earth or pollen that can be blown about in the air. Idiom clue 'you can bite me' What am I ?

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Hello and welcome to the Neat as a Button website. Thank you for visiting us, if you have any further queries at all, please check out our FAQ page, otherwise contact us and let us know. Enjoy your journey.

Neat As A Button takes the pride as if we are cleaning our own. We feel that customer service is pivotal to the success of a business, we care about responding to all enquiries within 2 hours. Contact us now for a cross your t's and dot your i's clean you have never seen before.

To see what our clients have to say about us, visit our testimonials page.

Neat as a Button Cleaning Services provides an experienced, professional and thorough cleaning service and we pride ourselves on a no short cut mentality.

We specialise in commercial cleaning but on request we can also do vacate, deep, spring, marine vehicles, restaurants and industrial cleans. We can carry out any sort of cleaning upon request and availability.

Our goal here at Neat As A Button is to clean nation wide.